While GG Poker’s week after week $10,000 purchase in Millions competition for the most part draws a group, the field was considerably greater when GG put on a SUPER Millions competition for one, yet 5,000,000 bucks. With five players remaining and millions on the line, we survey this hand where, as the title recommends, 1,000,000 dollar risk was taken.

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Solid Fit Connectors Preflop
For this virtual hand, we have the button confronting the enormous visually impaired head’s-up, with M Leikkonen (button) against Chris Rudolph (huge visually impaired). Collapsed to, Leikkonen peers down at A♣K♣, going with the simple choice to min-raise it to two blinds. While you might see a few players pushing with this hand late in competitions, there is currently clear little stack player present in this hand. At 25 major blinds, AK-fit is a hand that can with certainty raise and cancel any preflop 3-wagers or pushes.

After an overlay from the little visually impaired, Rudolph peers down at J♦T♦, and settles on the insightful decision. While Rudolph is surely fine calling, hands like J-T and T-9 fit might possibly blend in some re-raises and pushes using a quality GTO approach.

Rudolph’s preflop call strolled him straight into a beast hand with top two sets, leaving Leikkonen entirely open to just a gutshot straight-draw. Holding a strong hand, Rudolph might have positively used his a lot bigger stack (12,963,076) to apply strain to Leikkonen, yet chose for look at it of position. Leikkonen answers with a base bet of 300,00. telling his adversary that possibly he doesn’t have many nut hands (which isn’t true here), or that he is wagering with his whole reach. Regardless of Leikkonen’s inspiration, this move left him incredibly helpless against a three-bet, which Rudolph made for 1,200,000.

After a professional three-bet from Rudolph, Leikkonen is in a very predicament. Does he abandon a possibly winning hand? Does he call and expect to enhance the turn? Or on the other hand, does he take action and push, petitioning God for a sovereign to save him? With how much cards that work on his hand on the turn, Leikkonen ought to have brought here, as in addition to the fact that a sovereign give would him a definitive hand, yet a club would give the nut flush-draw, and a ruler or ace would give considerably more outs.

Disregarding what is the more secure move, Leikkonen thinks for a couple of moments, then tears it all-in, prompting a snap call from Rudolph. Overwhelmed by two sets, Leikkonen petitioned God for a lovely sovereign or a sprinter to keep his million dollar dreams alive.






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